Thoughts and Inspirations

🏛 Ways to think about market size

A very very interesting approach to look at market size differently. Highly recommended to anyone who is in the startup idea brainstorming stage.

🎤 The Unusual Signs of a Billion Dollar Company, with Elad Gil

Very interesting insight on angel investment. Some interesting points:

  • you tend to overestimate all the other companies in the ecosystem because you apply a view of, “Hey, this is the next Airbnb or this is an extract of things.” For example, half of the unicorns, the billion-dollar market cap companies are not really worth a billion dollars, right?
  • Sometimes the company almost runs on its own, irrespective of what the founders do, as long as they have enough of an advantage or there’s a network effect that will sustain them.
  • A bad answer to the $Billion dollar question is a strategy of: “We’re starting off doing this one thing, but we’re going to pivot later into this other thing, based on the momentum of the first thing and therefore we’re going to be big.”

🎶 Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder

The story is inspiring. It almost feels like a startup story.